As an office worker, we’ve all experienced this at one point or another.
We’re a bit out of sync; experiencing some nerves about the important business presentation,
or maybe it was just the Mexican food from the team lunch.

We need to take a shit, pretty badly,
but we’re at work and we all know that becomes risky business.

Trying to stay quiet.
Sneaking out when no one is watching.
The worst part though, no matter what we do,
people always know it’s us.

How, you ask? 
By our shoes.

As humans, we should all be given the right to poop anonymously, worry-free.
And that’s why we have S#!T SHOES.



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An entire website and hub dedicated to explore, buy, and learn all about S#!T SHOES (with a Kickstarter coming soon!)

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og s#!t shoes

The perfect combination of elegant design and utility that gives you privacy from the eyes, ears, and noses of your co-workers.



Designed to fit in your bag or your pocket, our slip-ons provide you with privacy anytime and anywhere you poop.


s#It slippers

These slippers combine the privacy of the regular S#!T Shoes with the ultimate relaxation and comfort—just as if you were pooping at home.

writer: nikita sokolov

kyle.tellier@gmail.com // 401.626.0260