Over the years, I've been told I look like a lot of different people.

I blame my resistance to grooming and the lack of mirrors in my life.

This all started when I grew my hair out for a bet. I used to get a clean trim every month or so.

My buddy said I couldn't go more than 2 months. It went on for 3 years. 

And here are the true stories of my struggles with my identity. 

kenny g


"Hey Kenny G! Is that you?" No, we just look-a-like and are both musically-challenged.

jim morrison

My uncle and I were sitting on a back patio one summer in my early 20s. It was about 1pm. Already rocked, he decided to download an app to detect paranormal activity because he claimed to feel a presence and thought his house was haunted. After a quick inspection, he said the app was "fucked" and that I somehow messed up the frequencies by being around him during the investigation. And with the pour of another drink, he came to a new conclusion that I was, in fact, reincarnated Jim Morrison and the app was well worth $3.99. I remember him saying that it all made sense now because he always thought I was a shy, poetic soul.

bob ross

At the beginning of every semester during art school I would hear a variety of comments along the lines of, "did you know you look like Bob Ross? You must be good at painting!" Both those statements are relative.

conor mcgregor


I live with a Mormon couple and have been fortunate enough to join them on some worldly travels. This included a month-long trip to Mongolia one summer. During this time I spent $2 on a haircut at the local salon. I've never had so many people laugh at me as they repeatedly said, "Conor McGregor, Conor McGregor"

lil dicky

"You could be 'Lil Pricky', his rapping protégé."

roman soldier


I’m 1/4 Italian.

bonus :: office halloween party


At an office Halloween party, someone decided to dress up as me. I was flattered.

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