j.m. smucker

J.M. Smucker is the parent company of many household brands, including Milk-Bone, Nature’s Recipe, and Natural Balance.


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milk-bone puffs

This is a new product released by Milk- Bone that emphasizes the CRUNCH experience.

what crunch looks like

interrupted by crunch

CD: kevin koller  |  writer: scott steele

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nature’s recipe — 10-second adventures

These videos showed how easy it is to get outdoors and go on an adventure with your dog. The social post copy includes items related to the numbers seen in the video.




CD: kevin koller  |  writer: scott steele

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natural balance — mythbusters

A series of cute illustrated videos, debunking common misconceptions many pet parents have about dog food.

potatoes are toxic

potato diets

high protein causes aggression

rosemary can be toxic

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nature’s recipe — ingredients in action

Demonstration of how great ingredients can lead to an exciting and active lifestyle.


flax seed

sweet potato


CD: kevin koller  |  writer: scott steele

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