cricket wireless

Every wireless company has an angle; the best coverage, the fastest network, most attractive spokesperson, and so on.

Cricket reaches their customers in a different way, through a world of animated characters and the tagline, "Something To Smile About."



wrecking ball — “fighter” commercial

CD: chean wei law  |  writer:  meg gallagher


chicago millennium station takeover

CD: chean wei law  |  writer:  meg gallagher  |  designer: jodi duncan

local & national placement

el paso chihuahuas partnership & new orleans baby cakes

Cricket Wireless became official partners with the El Paso Chihuahuas, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the San Diego Padres. A handful of baseball-themed character assets were created and used for various out of home boards, in-stadium media placements, as well as local Cricket retail stores.

Cricket also had various media placements in New Orleans for another local baseball team, the New Orleans Babycakes.

in-stadium placement


local billboards

writer:  matt detiveaux

character baseball cards | internal project

Who doesn't love combing through some vintage baseball cards? These baseball cards were designed to keep a catalog of the 90+ character assets.

event poster

cricket code day 

Cricket Wireless paid a visit to ARGONAUT for a two-day event, Studio and I screenprinted posters I designed that were inspired by the 1960s Avalon Ballroom posters.

mobile billboards


character assets // 401.626.0260