churned & twisted

tagline: ice cream with a buzz.

I eat a lot of ice cream. And I drink a lot of alcohol.... sometimes.

Born out of necessity, this is a concept and product I have been working at and producing for the past few years. The ice cream contains about 4 shots of alcohol per pint and will give the consumer quite the buzz.



I make four flavors on a regular basis: 

Bananas Foster, Orange Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Hazelnut

I've also experimented with renditions of Mexican Chocolate, Maple Pecan, and Raspberry sorbet, as well as dabbling with making birthday cakes and cookie sandwiches. 

I am in the process of creating an LLC and plan to distribute this ice cream in the near future. 

package design

package copy

writer: james feess // 401.626.0260