the time i was a butcher

Wrapping up the first year of grad school, every professor suggested we search far and wide for a summer internship to gain experience in "the advertising world". I had little interest in this, so I decided to explore one of my passions: food!

The first week I moved to Richmond, I began to explore local food spots; this included weekly 2.5 mile walks to the local butcher,  just to check out the new sausages in store for the week (yes, I'm serious).

At the end of April during one of these trips, I began chatting with the owner and asked about job openings.

Somehow I ended up there working full-time during the summer and spent Year Two of graduate school as an apprentice butcher.

Through this experience, I've learned many life lessons; like how to make bacon & sausage, and pair wine & cheese with different cured meats. I also witnessed and was appointed documentarian of a pig slaughter, I created pig blood ice cream for a "meat & greet" event, and took part in designing various newsletters, fliers, and other collateral for the shop.

Below are bits and pieces of my experience over those 15 months. 


pig slaughter at whipple creek farms

proposed 10-year anniversary logo

bacon & sausage packaging

belmont butchery: the sausage book

"meat & greet" event: an offal-lly good time [featuring my very own blood ice cream] // 401.626.0260